PLC Only

Function that is used in the PLC code but does not required a HMI graphical interface.

Picture of Voting 2oo3 Logic Latch Reset
Voting 2oo3 Logic Latch Reset

The module provides voting logic for 2 out of 3 inputs.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

This module is designed to communicate PLC to another device through UDP.

25.00 (CAD)
LAD image
Vessel Mass Indicator

Manufacturing vessel mass indicator with scaling and interlocks with alarm settings

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Gage RR
Gage RR

The module stores a set of values (e.g. measurement) and provides their maximum, minimum and average values .

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Industrial Safety Door
Industrial Safety Door

The Add On Instruction is used for the control of an Industrial Safety Gate (Euchner MGB series).

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of 1oo2 (1 out of 2) Analog Module
1oo2 (1 out of 2) Analog Module

The module processes the 2 analog inputs and provides one analog output.

25.00 (CAD)