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Modules Uploaded this Week

Picture of 1oo2 (1 out of 2) Analog Module
1oo2 (1 out of 2) Analog Module

The module processes the 2 analog inputs and provides one analog output.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of AB PV800 HMI and Siemens S7-1214 communication
AB PV800 HMI and Siemens S7-1214 communication

In this project AB HMI PV800 connect to Siemens S7-1214 PLC on MODBUS TCP/IP communication, and also this project has browser based scada (HMS EWON flexy 202 with GSM card and Viewon)

200.00 (CAD)
Picture of Analog  Input
Analog Input

A comprehensive Analog Input module providing many features.

20.00 (CAD)
Picture of Analog Module
Analog Module

The module scales the raw input to the Engineering Range and creates High High, High, Low and Low Low alarms.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Analog output
Analog output

A comprehensive Analog output module providing different features.

20.00 (CAD)
Picture of Analog_Input_Scaled

Scales analog input

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of AnalogFB

This module provide analog scaling and alarming for an input with an raw value of 0-27648 (4-20 ma).

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Analyze_Real8_AOI

8 input REAL value, find minimum. maximun and average. Except 0 if input value = 0, it won't be counted in sum and average

5.00 (CAD)
Picture of Anti Fire Fighting Sprinkle System
Anti Fire Fighting Sprinkle System

This module is for anti fire fighting sprinkle system. It consists of one pressure switch and two pumps controlled via VFD.

50.00 (CAD)
Picture of Automated_Gate_System_v1.0

This AOI can be used to automate a gate system with either one or two gates. The type of gate (sliding door or swing door) does not matter. For safety purposes, a safety scanner input is also integrated into the system.

30.00 (CAD)
Picture of Bang-Bang Control
Bang-Bang Control

The module provides On-Off control based on 2 setpoints.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Bit to Integer
Bit to Integer

The module populates the status of bits into a integer.

10.00 (CAD)