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1. Find Your Module

Get a function block to complete your PLC logic, a new faceplate for a motor, or a complete library of logic modules and HMI items.


2. Purchase Your Modul

Download your code from our secure site.


3. Deploy Your Code

Implement the prebuilt modules into your workflow and enjoy the savings!  

Adding Modules 

This video shows you how to use your Developer Store; how to access the store, how to upload your modules, and what information you need to include to make it easy for clients to locate and purchase your modules. Please note that any time a module is added or amended in any way, it will need to be evaluated by an administrator before it goes into the public store.



Also included here are some Frequently Asked Questions about AOI Exchange and the sales process. This includes information about how to price your modules, commissions, payments etc. If, after you have reviewed all of this information, you still have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.


  • What is AOI Exchange and how does it work? is an online marketplace for the sale and purchase of fully developed PLC & HMI modules (e.g. add-on instructions - AOIs). Professional developers who, over the course of their careers, have created their own collection of AOIs, can sell these to client organizations who wish to save time and money on their own projects. Think of AOI Exchange as the 'App Store' for automation system developers.

  • How do I make money? There is no fee to become a Developer for AOI Exchange. You never pay to list your modules for sale. As an approved Developer, you will upload your modules to your area of the store, set your own prices and get paid every time a client purchases it (minus the AOI commission). An excellent module can sell many times over, and you will be paid each time. We will pay you via PayPal 14 days after the purchase. Note: As a Developer, you are not employed by AOI Exchange.

  • What modules should I upload? AOI Exchange provides fully developed modules (i.e., AOIs) which are useful to other developers. The ideal module should take a considerable amount of time (at least 4 hours) and effort to build and fully test, so that the person buying it can benefit from purchasing the module. In your role as a Developer, you are exposed to specific problems that may require specific code to be developed. This type of module is the specialized kind of code that is most likely to sell on AOI Exchange. The best and most saleable modules are also fully documented, to provide maximum value to our clients.

  • How should I price my modules? It's important that your module be priced appropriately for the content it offers. As a rough guide, look at pricing $5 for each hour it took you to develop the module. Bear in mind that although a module might be inexpensive, if it's too simple it won't be attractive to our clients. Note: AOI Exchange is based in Canada, so prices are in Canadian dollars.

  • How is the commission charged? 20% commission is charged on all sales, to allow AOI Exchange to operate. It is deducted before we send your payment to you.

  • What is a 'Top Developer'? A Top Developer is a professional who has a proven track record of creating top-quality, saleable modules. At times, clients will need a custom module to be developed, and that's when we will call on our small team of Top Developers.



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Download a function block to complete your PLC logic, a new faceplate for a motor, or a complete library of logic modules and HMI items.

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