Combination of PLC logic with a graphical interface.

Picture of VFD AOI with Faceplate
VFD AOI with Faceplate

AOI with SE Faceplate for VFD based motor for speed control and On/Off

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Valve_Digital

The module provide control for an Digital Valve (Open/Close) as well as n HMI faceplate.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of TempCorForK

Temperature Conversion

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Sump Pump
Sump Pump

The module controls 2 sump pumps using level switches.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Spin Coater PLC Code & HMI
Spin Coater PLC Code & HMI

Spin coating is a technique used to spread uniform thin films on flat substrates by centrifugal force. Spin Coater ladder language programming and Human Machine Interface using PLC and touch panel

252.00 (CAD)
Picture of Recipe Handler
Recipe Handler

This module allows recipes to be slected and stored in a PLC. An HMI application is included for FactoryTalk ME.

25.00 (CAD)