Bill Wallace


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Used to replace standard faceplate in PlantPAX 2.0

25.00 (CAD)

The Simplified Faceplate can be used to replace the Standard Faceplate provided as part of the PlantPAX 2.0 library. For applications that don’t need all the features that the Standard Faceplate provides the Simplified Faceplate may be a good alternative. For many applications the operator only needs to force the state of the input in bypass mode. The many features that the Standard Faceplate provide can be over complicated and confusing to operators.

The Simplified Faceplate is much smaller than the Standard Faceplate, which frees up space on the operator graphic. The reduced amount of functions simplify the operator actions.

The Simplified Faceplate works with the un-altered standard P_DIn block in the PLC. The configuration of the Digital Input is done using the PLC programming tool, instead of via the faceplate. As the setting of these are Engineering functions it can be argued that they should not be alterable via the faceplate. Alternatively the Standard Faceplate could be used during the system build and commissioning before switching to the Simplified Faceplate for operating the plant.

To update the faceplate import the GFX file to the Display, and the GGFX file to the Global Objects.

Graphics developed in PlantPAx 2.0