The module allows a temperature value to be displayed on the graphic in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kevin. The operator can switch the type of units used via the popup.

This module is useful when quickly switching between different units is required, or when an operator prefers to see a value shown in his preferred unit of measurement.

The AOI can be used in the PLC code to convert the temperature value to another type of units. This maybe useful for calculations which require the measured value to be a particular type of unit (e.g. Kevin for mass flow calculations).

Import the popup (MOD) Temp Conversion GFX file to the Display and the (MOD) Common Faceplate GGFX file to the Global Objects. Add the TempCorForK L5K to the add on instructions in the PLC program.

Graphics developed in PlantPAx 2.0

PLC Code written in RSLogix 20.04