Bill Wallace

PAx 2.0 HMI Simplified Lib 001

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Used to replace standard faceplates in PlantPAX 2.0

50.00 (CAD)

The Simplified Library can be used to replace the Standard Faceplates provided as part of the PlantPAX 2.0 library. For applications that don’t need all the features that the Standard Faceplates provide the Simplified Faceplates are a good alternative. The many features that the Standard Faceplates provide can be over complicated and confusing to operators.

The Simplified Faceplates are much smaller than the Standard Faceplates, which frees up space on the operator graphic. The reduced amount of functions simplify the operator actions.

The Simplified Faceplates works with the un-altered standard Plant PAx AOIs in the PLC. 

The Library contains 4 Faceplates:

  • PID
  • Motor
  • Analog Input
  • Digital Input

Graphics developed in PlantPAx 2.0