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Used for latch an output ON when the corresponding input to the module goes ON.

25.00 (CAD)

The module is used to latch any of the 16 discrete outputs to an ON state (i.e. logical 1) when the corresponding input channel is set to the ON state. The outputs remain ON until the reset is cycled.

The module can be used to capture conditions that are only active for a short duartion. This may be used when troubleshooting the reason for trip condition , which is not captured by other program logic. e.g. The open wire fault on an OF8 modules.  

PLC Code written in RSLogix 20.04

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Used for First Out tripping and alarming. Inputs are set are set high to cause trip/alarm.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Latch16Off

Used for latch an output OFF when the corresponding input to the module goes OFF.

25.00 (CAD)
Picture of Gate16ON

When the module is enabled the state of the 16 discrete inputs is copied to the outputs.

25.00 (CAD)